Five Star Holiday Décor started in 2010 when Chad and Scott saw a chance to improve profit for Five Star Painting franchisees during potentially slow winter months. Five Star Painting owners already had the ladders, staff, and vehicles needed to hang Christmas lights. Demand for that service picked up right when fewer people stopped seeking painting services.



The goal of Five Star Holiday Décor is to provide home service business owners a way to maintain staff and earn revenue during the slow season. This has proven to be a good option for companies like Five Star Painting and others who offer services that are generally only needed through spring, summer, and early fall.


What Makes Us Different

Five Star Holiday Décor offers packaged deals for installing and maintaining Christmas lights throughout the season. Starting with a free estimate, installers work with customers to design their holiday lighting display. Lighting technicians install high quality, LED Christmas lights with accuracy and attention to detail. Technicians are ready to return to each customer’s location as maintenance and repair needs arise. Once the Christmas season is over, Five Star Holiday Décor returns to take down the lights and put them in Five Star Holiday Décor’s storage for safekeeping until the next holiday season. All of this is included in the packaged deal offered by Five Star Holiday Décor to its customers.

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