Five Star Painting Design Tips:

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    Five Star Holiday Decor:

    • Three Amazing Christmas Light Shows
      In lieu of our typical weekly post with grand ideas and beautiful pictures, we’ve decided to share something even more beautiful, dare I say “grander” than all! With Christmas just a [...]
    • 18 DeLIGHTfully Creative Uses of Christmas Lights
      Tired of hanging up the same old Christmas decorations year after year? This holiday season, spice up those boring strands into one of these unusual deLIGHTS! Bare bulbs are so last Christmas. Dress t [...]
    • Growing on Trees: Outdoor lighting ideas
      Frosty ice now covers the tips of once-green grass. Artificially crafted scents of pine needles and gingerbread fill the halls of indoor shopping centers. Fires have been ignited, mugs of hot cocoa ma [...]

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